1: Death from Above

Drone Warfare and Targeted Assassination

The New York Times reported this week that the Obama administration is drawing up a rulebook on when and where targeted assassination by drone strikes can be justified. The announcement brought across the board criticism from human rights activists and so it’s here that we turn our attention for the first ‘Join the Discussion’.

We want to know whether you think  drone warfare is a necessary evil and has legitimacy for the greater good or is it a fundamental breach of human rights and ultimately a war crime?

Get involved and post below to begin the discussion.

The views expressed in this discussion are not those of BPP and only intend to represent that of their authors.


One response to “1: Death from Above

  1. ‘Because I do it with a single ship, I am called a terrorist. You do it with a whole fleet and are called an emperor.’ – St. Augustine.

    I am firmly of the view that any civilian blood spilt is a war crime; to which somebody should be held accountable. What use is a human right to life, if the deaths of innocents can be justified as collateral damage? I wonder how much thought is given to the possibility of innocent blood being shed. Civilians are left playing a game of Russian Roulette, yet I’m afraid the gun is not in their own hands. What odds would you play?

    It can be appreciated that drone strikes appear to be a response to war on terror or prevent another from committing war crimes. But, I fail to see how responding with drone strikes is not turning the so called ‘war on terror’ into a war of terror. It is innately hypocritical to sacrifice the lives of other innocents for the protection of your own innocents. If the American government, or any other for that matter, feel any target must be assassinated, then surely there are other means. Would it not be better to reach their target by foot? I guess then the question reduces down to one of ‘whose lives do we value more?’

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