Abortion Support Network Fundraiser and Awareness Event

From the 8th – 12th May Leeds HRU members Bethan Davies and Nathan Davis campaigned in Leeds BPP to raise funds and awareness of the Abortion Support Network.

The Abortion Support Network is an organisation set up to provide various modes of assistance (financial and accommodation) to women travelling to England and Wales, for an abortion, from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. In such countries, the opportunity to have an abortion is a lot more constrained than in England and Wales. Each year thousands of women make this journey at terrible cost, stress and difficulty, the Abortion Support Network makes that opportunity more accessible and thus offsets the draconian constraints enacted in those respective countries.

At BPP Leeds we have raised around £80 through a week-long raffle and two-day cake sale. In addition, multiple people signed petitions calling on the respective governments of these countries to amend their abortion laws so they are at least in line with the legislation in force in England and Wales.

We would like to thank all those who contributed in providing raffle prizes, cakes and donations. The event could not have been as successful without your support.


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