Talk by Timothy Hansen on the legality of Drone strikes in international law

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On Wednesday 21st April, students gathered at BPP Holborn for a talk on the highly contentious issue of the legality of Drone strikes in International law. The talk was delivered by Timothy Hansen, Head of Policy and Learning at Advocates forInternational Development (‘A4ID’) and provided a succinct overview of the position of the use of drones in international law.

Mr Hansen was joined by a researcher from Warwick University and volunteer at human rights NGO Reprieve, who briefly opened up the discussion to the broader moral parameters of the issue. Both speakers prompted a number of questions from the audience.

Advocates for International Development are a global charity that believes the law can and should be used more effectively to eradicate global poverty. They draw together the legal, academic and development communities. By turning strong legal minds to the question of international, we provide a powerful tool for groups seeking to secure the Millennial Development Goals worldwide. For more information on A4ID see the link above.

For all those who were unable attend you will be able to find a recording of the event on the VLE.



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